Tie Fighter Birthday Cake [pic]

Birthday cakes in my family have always been rather plain.  Other than maybe some pictures or some writing on them that says something to the effect of happy birthday, cakes in my family aren’t fancy.  However, some people like to spent a little more to go all out on birthday cakes, especially for their kids which is what appears to be the case with this awesome Star Wars Tie Fighter birthday cake!

This cool Star Wars Tie Fighter cake was made for Tristan’s 6th birthday by Cake Diane Custom Cake Studio.  The Tie Fighter was made with Rice Krispes Treats (yum!) covered with fondant (yuck!) while the wings were made of gumpaste (I’m not sure what that is but it doesn’t sound tasty).  As for the actual cake, it was a buttercream iced cake with the stars made out of fondant.  I’d say it turned out great!

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Tie Fighter Birthday Cake
Star Wars Tie Fighter Cake

[Via Between the Pages]