Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Made From Recycled Beer Cans [pic]

Not too long ago, I posted some really cool video game themed art where Mario and Luigi were made out of aluminum cans and this is the same kind of can art!  Instead of Mario and Luigi, in this case, one person created a Star Wars X-Wing fighter out of beer cans.

Flickr user and can crafting Star Wars enthusiast tom-tom1969 created this amazing X-Wing fighter out of recycled Kaiser beer cans.  I’d say it turned out looking rather spectacular!  R2-D2 riding on top is a nice touch too.

I’m curious to know how many cuts tamás kánya (tom-tom1969) ended up with after working with all of these old beer cans?  I would suspect a lot of blood would be involved in making aluminum can art like this although perhaps by the time you are good enough to make something like this X-Wing, you know how to avoid all of the sharp edges.

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Star Wars Aluminum Can Art X-Wing
Star Wars Beer Can X-Wing Fighter

[Source:  tamás kánya via Obvious Winner]