This R2-D2 Flask is the Droid That Alcoholics Have Been Looking For [pic]

I have never been one to drink alcohol in any form and have no desire to change that.  However, for those that do and like to carry a flask around with them so they always have some booze on them (if that is the case, I suspect you may have a drinking problem), this R2-D2 flask might just be the droid you have been looking for (assuming you are a Star Wars fan)!

Etsy seller YourFlask is selling this 6 ounce R2-D2 flask for just 16.99.  This flask features R2-D2 on both sides and the R2-D2 image is created with high-quality adhesive waterproof vinyl.

If R2-D2 isn’t your ideal flask, apparently they also do custom flasks so if you want a custom flask, they would be the ones to contact.

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Star Wars R2-D2 Flask
R2-D2 Flask

[Source:  Etsy]