DJ Leia Spins the Tunes on R2-D2 on this Awesome Shirt [pic]

It has been years since I have had the pleasure of experiencing a live DJ but when you find a good one, they are absolutely amazing.  Well, apparently in a galaxy far, far away, even Princess Leia likes to get her DJ on!  Who knows if she is any good at it, but I would still at least check her out, especially if she is spinning the tunes on R2-D2!

Well, for those that like the idea of DJ Leia spinning records on R2-D2, then you are sure to love this shirt!

The fantastic folks over at TShirtbordello are selling this awesome DJ Leia t-shirt for just $10 (on sale from $14.99)!  There is also a women’s version of the DJ Leia shirt for $12.00.

I have a number of shirts from Tshirtbordello and they are a very good quality shirt so you can buy with confidence so get to shopping before the price goes back up!

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DJ Leia Shirt
Star Wars DJ Leia Shirt

[Source:  Tshirtbordello]



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