Star Wars Inspired Original Trilogy Poster Collection [pic]

One of the things I really hate about my bedroom is the texture on my walls because it doesn’t play well with posters.  I suppose if I hit the lotto, I could have all of my posters framed and hung on the walls but that is too expensive so I just have a bunch of tubes of posters sitting around.  I tried hanging posters when I was a kid with some of that silly putty type stuff but it didn’t really like to stick very well and it would leave grease spots on my posters after a while.  Well, for the Star Wars fans that like to hang posters, I have found some posters you will love!

Etsy seller LynxCollection is selling this limited edition set of Star Wars posters inspired by the original trilogy for just $49.95.  These amazing Star Wars prints measure 11″ x 17″ and only 750 of them have been made.  The artwork on the posters was created by Drew Roberts and I would say Drew did an amazing job!

I wish I had the walls to hang these amazing Star Wars posts as I love the original trilogy but that is one remodeling job I don’t want to mess with.  I also kind of spent most of my money on all of the amazing deals I have found since Thanksgiving.  However, if you love Star Wars, have the right walls and some money, I suggest you go buy a set before they are all gone!  These would also make a great gift for any Star Wars fans you know this Christmas.

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Star Wars Original Trilogy Poster Set
Star Wars Original Trilogy Limited Edition Poster Set

[Source:  Etsy]


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