Geeks vs Hipsters Infographic [pic]

It is fairly rare that I post any infographics despite how interesting I may find them just because they are usually so large that they tend to take up the room of 3-4 posts with a single infographic and I don’t like to overpower the Global Geek News homepage with a single post unless it is with something really amazing.

In the past, I posted a very interesting infographic comparing geeks and nerds and in the similar style of that infographic, we now have one on geeks vs hipsters!  Check it out and tell us in the comments which one you are!  I fall mostly in the geek category although I haven’t had a multi-use watch in years and I share the environmental concerns of the hipsters.

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Geek vs Hipster Inforgraphic
Geek vs Hipster Inforgraphic by

[Source:  Geeks are Sexy]