Amazing Excitebike Papercraft [pic]

When it comes to the art of papercraft, it seems gamers know how to do it right.  Back in January, I posted a really angry and rather bloody NES papercraft creation and found it to be rather impressive.  However, when it comes to the collision of papercraft and old school gaming, this incredible Excitebike papercraft is the best I have ever seen!

This incredible Excitebike papercraft was created by Tommy Perez who loved the game growing up.

For some reason I never played this game when I was younger but I have become aware of it over the years and this seems like an excellent tribute to the game.  I am very impressed with this 8-bit papercraft goodness and I hope Tommy does more stuff like this in the future!

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Excitebike Papercraft
Excitebike Papercraft
NES Excitebike Papercraft
Excitebike Papercraft

[Source:  Tommy Perez via it8bit]



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