Don’t Blink Weeping Angel T-Shirt Lets You Become the Angel [pic]

People need to stop coming out with awesome Doctor Who shirts because I am already out of room in my closet thanks to all of the great Doctor Who shirts that keep showing up on cheap shirt sale sites.  However, if you disagree and still have plenty of room in your closet for more Doctor Who shirts, then I have found the perfect Weeping Angel shirt for you!

Etsy seller ParamountPacific is selling this Doctor Who inspired Don’t Blink Weeping Angel unisex shirt for just $19.95.  On the front is says “Don’t Blink” but if the person staring at you doesn’t heed your warning, you can quickly flip the shirt over your head and become a Weeping Angel!

If you are looking to scare any Whovian friends, this would probably be the perfect way to do it!

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Doctor Who Weeping Angel Shirt
Don’t Blink Weeping Angel Shirt

[Source:  Etsy]