Amazing Xbox 360 Groom’s Cake [pics]

Until I started blogging about them around the middle of last year, I had never knew such a thing as a groom’s cake existed.  Every wedding I have ever been to has had your multiple tier wedding cake and thats it.  I don’t know if this is some kind of newer tradition or what (I haven’t been to a wedding in a couple of years as I try to avoid them if at all possible), but from the groom’s cakes I have seen such as the Borderlands Claptrap groom’s cake and the SNES groom’s cake, I love the idea!

Speaking of great groom’s cakes, this incredibly detailed Xbox 360 groom’s cake was made by Pink Cake Box.  To say that I am impressed with the detail on this cake would be an understatement as it even has the wifi adapter on it!  On a slightly related note, the wifi adapter for the Xbox 360 is utter crap and should be avoided.  Wired is always better than wifi.

Anyway, as for the delicious details of the cake, it was a red velvet cake with 2 layers of lemon cream cheese and 1 layer of raspberry chambord (whatever chambord is).

Congrats to the happy couple!

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Microsoft Xbox 360 Groom's Cake
Xbox 360 Groom’s Cake
Microsoft Xbox 360 Grooms Cake Back
Xbox 360 Groom’s Cake Back
Microsoft Xbox 360 Groom's Cake Top
Xbox 360 Groom’s Cake Top

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