DIY Weeping Angel Barbie Doll [pic]

Not long ago I posted about a DIY Weeping Angel project that showed you how to make your own Weeping Angel Christmas tree topper and now it looks like somebody has decided to go a slightly different route and create a Weeping Angel Barbie doll.

Being a guy, I have never been into the whole Barbie doll thing, but for those that may have a few laying around that they are willing to sacrifice to a Doctor Who inspired DIY project, I suggest turning one into a Weeping Angel!

Sarah Franz-Wichlacz did exactly that and took a Barbie doll, a skewer, some hot glue, craft foam wings, and paint, and transformed Barbie into a Weeping Angel.  If you are interested doing this little DIY project yourself, I suggest checking out her post that has a ton of more pictures of the creations process.

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Weeping Angel Barbie Doll
Weeping Angel Barbie

[Source:  wich-crafting via Nerd Approved]