Darth Vader Choking Hazard T-Shirt [pic]

One of the things that would scare me about hanging out with Darth Vader would be the possibility of getting choked to death just because you managed to piss him off.  There are a lot of ways I wouldn’t mind dying, but being coked with the Force is not on that list.

Well, for the Star Wars fans out there that don’t mind a little choking humor, I think you will love this awesome Darth Vader shirt!

The geektastic folks over at SuperHeroStuff are selling this Darth Vader choking hazard t-shirt for $19.99.  The best part is you can save 13% with the coupon code “SUPHERO13” which is good until 11/30/12.  If you are a big Darth Vader fan like I am, that is a tough deal to beat!  Don’t forget, Christmas is coming so even if you don’t buy this for yourself, perhaps there is a loved one that would love to get it this holiday season!

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Star Wars Darth Vader Choking Hazard T-Shirt
Darth Vader Choking Hazard Shirt

[Source:  SuperHeroStuff]