The Ultimate Whovian Built a TARDIS Control Room in His House [pic]

For most Doctor Who fans such as myself, their enthusiasm doesn’t usually extend too far beyond Doctor Who t-shirts or maybe even some Doctor Who cosplay.  However, the guy that built a TARDIS control room into his house is not your average Doctor Who fan.  Considering I don’t know of anybody else who has done anything similar, I would say this guy has earned the title of the ultimate Whovain.

Australian DeviantART user crazyfoalrus (aka Jayman White) had a hexagonal room in his house so he decided to take a year and turn it into the TARDIS control room.  He built this entire room himself with lumber that he already had and discarded parts from his job.  He even painted the floor and did all of the lighting and electrical work himself.

I am very impressed and slightly jealous!  I wish I had a TARDIS control room in my house!  Check out the source link below for more pictures.

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Custom Doctor Who TARDIS Control Room
Custom TARDIS Control Room

[Source:  DeviantART via Neatorama]