SNES Controller Cake with Mario Mushroom Cupcakes [pic]

Although there are different things I love about all of the different video game consoles I own, there is just something about the Super Nintendo that I seem to love more than the others.  Part of that is certainly the games for it but another major part of that is the controller.  When it comes to controllers without a joystick, I think it was by far the best but you are welcome to disagree with me in the comments.

Anyway, speaking of the SNES controller, not only is it good for playing old games, it makes for a heck of a cake too!  Sadly, I don’t know who made this awesome SNES controller cake with a bunch of Super Mario Bros mushroom cupcakes, but apparently it is a friend of Reddit user drewmoney.

Normally I get the urge to mash some buttons when I see a controller but this one just makes me hungry.  If you like this cake, check out the SNES console cake I posted in the past!

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Super Nintendo Controller Cake
SNES Controller Cake

[Source:  Reddit]

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