Legendary Legend of Zelda Cupcakes [pic]

When it comes to comes to cupcakes, I enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy eating them.  Of course that is assuming they aren’t just some plain, boring cupcake.  Well, since I don’t post anything that is plain or boring, you can rest assured that you are about to see the most amazing Legend of Zelda cupcakes ever made.

Some time ago, I posted some really cool Legend of Zelda 8-bit heart cupcakes, but even though they were really cool (I suggest checking them out), they still feel rather lacking after seeing the Hylian Shield cupcake below.

The amazing Legend of Zelda cupcakes pictured below were created by Nerdache Cakes.  Although I love the 8-bit heart cupcake too, I am blown away by the awesome Hylian Shield cupcake.  The detail is very impressive!

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Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield and Heart Cupcakes
Legend of Zelda Cupcakes

[Source:  Nerdache Cakes]