This Giant Star Wars AT-AT Costume Requires Two People to Wear [pics]

Halloween is hard enough to navigate by yourself without tripping over a dozen kids begging for candy, but try doing it as part of a giant 2-person AT-AT costume!  As cool as this Star Wars AT-AT Halloween costume is, I think we have found a winner of the award for this year’s most impractical costume.

Instructables user Stkmach decided to go big with his costume this year and ended up making a really cool (and very large) Star Wars AT-AT costume.  This 2 person AT-AT costume is 1:6.5 scale and measure over 10′ tall and 12′ long.  If you want to check out how he made this AT-AT costume so you can make your own or just check out the pictures of its construction, check out the post over on Instructables.

If giant Star Wars costumes is something you love, check out the AT-ST costume I posted a couple of days ago.

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Star Wars AT-AT Costume
Star Wars AT-AT Halloween Costume
Star Wars AT-AT Costume Front
Star Wars AT-AT Halloween Costume Front

[Source:  Stkmach via Fashionably Geek]


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