This Doctor Who Folding Chair is Fantastic! [pic]

Folding chairs are wonderful things.  Not only can they be stored in small spaces, they make for fabulous weapons in a professional wrestling match.  However, if there is one chair I would never want to smash over some guys head, it would be this awesome Doctor Who folding chair!

Tumblr user portraitsbypriscilla made this awesome Doctor Who folding chair for their son’s college dorm room.  I’d say that son is one lucky kid to get something like this for their dorm!

Folding chairs can be nice for working at a desk in a small room like a dorm, but beware of setups where the desk is underneath the bunk bed.  I used to have a desk under my bunk bed and one day as I was waking up, I rolled off the bed (still half asleep and not realizing I was already on the edge of the bed) and landed tailbone first on the back of the metal folding chair that was sitting at my desk.  Painful story short, my tailbone survived but the chair didn’t.

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Doctor Who Folding Chair
Doctor Who Folding Chair

[Source:  Doctor Who Crafts]


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