Charmander’s Evolution Pumpkin Carving [pic]

Like many kids at the time, I had a huge Pokemon addiction when I was younger.  Whether it was playing it on my Game Boy, watching the cartoon or collecting the trading cards, I was all Pokemon all the time there for a couple of years.  I haven’t played any of the games beyond gold/silver as I reject the addition of more Pokemon, but I still have a love for the older versions.

Well, for those who also have a fondness for Pokemon, I thought you might enjoy seeing this awesome pumpkin carving of Charmander’s evolution!

Reddit user PineappleBuns is supposedly the creator of this awesome Pokemon pumpkin carving featuring Charmander (which is kind of hard to see), Charmeleon and Charizard.  There is some debate in the Reddit comments about whether PineappleBuns actually carved this but it seems like he did.

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Charmander Evolution Pumpkin Carving
Pokemon Charmander’s Evolution Pumpkin Carving

[Source: Reddit]