Insane Dark Knight Home Theater [pics]

It has long been a dream of mine to have a house that I could have an amazing home theater like the awesome Star Trek home theater I posted a while back, but after seeing this Dark Knight home theater, I think it almost might be cooler to have a Batman inspired home theater instead!

This very well done and insanely awesome Dark Knight home theater was created by Elite Home Theater Seating.  Actually, they just designed this home theater that looks like it was built in the Batcave and aren’t doing the actual construction, merely providing the design and seating.  Still, this has to be the coolest home theater ever!

I wonder how much something like this would cost?  I’d suspect by the time you throw in the Tumblr (who needs Batman’s car in their home theater?!), I would suspect we are looking at this to cost into the millions of dollars.  It would be worth every penny though!

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Batman Home Theater
Dark Knight Batcave Home Theater
Dark Knight Home Theater
Dark Knight Batcave Home Theater Rear

[Via GeekTyrant]


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