Legend of Zelda Master Sword and Triforce Tattoos [pic]

I’ve posted a ton of Legend of Zelda tattoos in the past, many of which were very large and incredibly detailed, such as this amazing Legend of Zelda sleeve tattoo or Wind Waker inspired full back tattoo, but once in a while, it can be nice to see somebody go the more simple route.  That is exactly what one person did with this cool Master Sword and Triforce tattoos.

These simple yet cool Legend of Zelda inspired Master Sword and Triforce tattoos were inked by Taylor M. Heald from Hyperion Tattoo at Buffalo, New York.  I’m not sure who the person is that provided the canvas for this tattoo artist, but I would say they are one cool Zelda fan!

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Master Sword and Triforce Tattoos
Legend of Zelda Master Sword and Triforce Tattoos

[Via Fashionably Geek]


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