Legend of Zelda Rupee Jewelry Set [pic]

Are you a Legend of Zelda fan that enjoys jewelry too?  Then I have found a Zelda inspired jewelry set for you!

Wait a second, what is a jewelry set?!  Apparently it is a combination of earrings and a pendant.  Who knew?!

Anyway, Etsy seller ChinookCrafts is selling this Legend of Zelda rupee jewelry set for $16.99.  Although I think the red rupees are pretty cool, if you would prefer your Zelda inspired earrings and pendant in another color, you can get them in green, blue, red, purple, yellow, orange, and black.

However, if rupees aren’t your thing but you still want some kind of Zelda jewelry, I’d suggest checking out the spiritual stones necklace I posted in the past as well as the Hylian Shield earrings.

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Legend of Zelda Rupee Jewelry Set
Legend of Zelda Rupee Earrings and Pendant Set

[Source:  Etsy]

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