NES Burgertime Sugar Cookies [pic]

A couple of days ago, I posted some awesome Legend of Zelda sugar cookies and while browsing the creator’s Etsy store, I found they also made some really cool looking Burgertime sugar cookies too!  Burgertime was one of my favorite NES games as a kid so I knew I had to share this for all of the other Burgertime fans out there!

Etsy seller parchmentcookies is selling these awesome NES Burgertime sugar cookies for $54. For that price, you get a dozen Burgertime sugar cookies iced with buttercream frosting showing various scenes from the classic game.

The seller also takes custom orders so if there is a game you like more than Burgertime, I suggest shooting them a message!

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NES Burgertime Sugar Cookies
Burgertime Sugar Cookies

[Source:  Etsy]