Beef and Bacon Triforce of Power [pic]

Why is it that I always come across things that involve food (especially bacon) when I didn’t get a chance to grab breakfast on my way out the door to work in the morning?  Its like internet is playing a cruel trick on me and its making me hungry!

Speaking of bacon, it seems one Legend of Zelda fan decided to make the Triforce of Power out of beef and bacon.  Just looking at all of that weaved bacon is enough to give you a heart attack!

This delicious looking Triforce of bacon goodness was created by DeviantART user ChaosShuugo.  However, considering the bacon shortage right now, I’m not sure I approve the use of this much bacon in a single dish without at least giving me a piece.  And by a piece, I mean all of it.

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Legend of Zelda Bacon Triforce
Beef and Bacon Triforce

[Source:  DeviantART via Obvious Winner]


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