Princess Peach Cupcakes [pic]

I’ve had a lot of cupcakes in my life, but I have never had any peach cupcakes.  Being a huge fan of peaches, I love the idea of some peach cupcakes and might just have to make some for myself!  Slightly off topic, but if you are a huge fan of peaches, I highly recommend Ben & Jerry’s peach cobbler ice cream.  Anyway, for lovers of peaches and Princess Peach, you are sure to love these delicious looking cupcakes!

The awesome folks over at When Geeks Wed have posted these delicious looking cupcakes featuring Princess Peach’s crown.  The best part is they also posted the recipe so if you are interested in making your own Princess Peach cupcakes, you can!

My mouth is watering just looking at these!

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Peach Cupcakes
Princess Peach Cupcakes

[Source:  When Geeks Wed]