This Nod Pie Will Make Any Command & Conquer Fan Hungry [pic]

Anybody who has known me for any decent length of time knows that I am a huge Command & Conquer fan.  Actually, writing for various Command & Conquer fan sites is how I got my start in blogging around 12 years ago or so.  While I don’t play it quite as much these days, it is still one of my all time favorite series of games (not including C&C 4 which I am still trying to forget).

Well, for those that are big C&C fans like I am, you will appreciate this rather delicious looking Nod pie!  A friend of one of the staff members over at CnCSaga made this delicious looking Nod pie for their birthday.  I’m not exactly sure what it is made out of, but it looks like maybe pound cake and jelly but that is just a guess.

For those interested in more Command and Conquer food action, check out the Nod cake I posted earlier this year!

Happy Birthday Cyann!

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C&C Nod Pie
Command & Conquer Nod Pie

[Source:  CnCSaga]



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