Pac-Man Blinky Ghost Crochet Blanket [pic]

In the cold months of winter, there is nothing nicer to have around the house than a crochet blanket.  They seem to be warmer than any other blanket I have used (although perhaps not as practical as my snuggie).  Well, for the crochet blanket loving Pac-Man fans out there, I figured you would enjoy this awesome Blinky the ghost blanket!

Etsy seller AtomicBits is selling this awesome Pac-Man Blinky the ghost crochet blanket for $45.  This wool/acrylic crochet blanket measures 29.9×29.1 in.  Given the smaller size of this blanket, it would probably would best as either a decoration or maybe a baby blanket than a blanket meant to keep an adult warm.

Personally, I would use this as a decorative blanket on my couch but that is just me.

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Pac-Man Red Ghost Crochet Blanket
Pac-Man Blinky the Ghost Crochet Blanket

[Source:  Etsy]






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