DIY Pac-Man Shower Curtain [pic]

I’ve never been a huge fan of the shower curtains that you find at various retail stores as they seem to be more designed for a women’s sense of fashion more than a geeks sense of fashion.  You can find some geekier ones online like the Periodic Table shower curtain available from ThinkGeek for $30 (which I posted about in the past), but often the best things are what you make yourself and in that spirit, now you can make a Pac-Man shower curtain!

Holly, one of the contributers over at the blog Get Your Nerd Craft On! has created a DIY guide for making your own Pac-Man shower curtain just like the one in the picture below.  As long as you don’t suck at painting, these little DIY Pac-Man shower curtain project doesn’t seem too difficult.

If anybody does make their own Pac-Man shower curtain, let us know in the comments below!

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DIY Pac-Man Shower Curtain
Pac-Man Shower Curtain

[Source:  Get Your Nerd Craft On! via Neatorama]






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