Legend of Zelda Triforce Pizza [pic]

When it comes to pizza, I have never bothered to try to make my own.  There are some good pizza places around here so I find its just easier to go pick one up than to spend all of the time and effort to make my own.  Well, luckily there are people who prefer to make their own pizza because otherwise there probably wouldn’t be pizzas like this Legend of Zelda Triforce pizza!

The creator of this delicious and Link worthy Legend of Zelda inspired Triforce pizza is DeviantART user linklunatic13.

As awesome as this pizza is, considering I’m not big fan of Canadian bacon on pizza, I would have to say my favorite Triforce pizza would have to be the Triforce pizzas I posted in June of last year.

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Triforce Pizza
Legend of Zelda Triforce Pizza

[Source:  linklunatic13 via Obvious Winner]


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