Great Looking Tetris Earrings [pic]

I have always been a huge fan of earrings on women as long as they don’t go overboard and have like 20 of them on each ear (I find that to be more disturbing than attractive).  However, I really love it when women wear geeky earrings like the Bob-omb earrings I posted a while back or in the case of this post, Tetris earrings!

These cool people over at ModCloth are selling these cute Tetris earrings for just $11.99!  Being a guy, I have no clue what earrings normally cost, but I would assume more than that for something that looks this good.

Anyway, the Tetris earrings are metal but appear to be painted to look like gold and have a rhinestone in each of them to give you a nice bling factor.  The pair comes with a T-shaped Tetris piece and a Z-shaped Tetris block so your ears will stand out more than people who have the same earrings on both sides of their head.

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Metal Tetris Earrings
Tetris Earrings

[Source:  Modcloth via So Geek Chic]

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