Futurama Bender Head Cake [pic]

Without a doubt, one of the best cartoons ever (and my personal favorite) is Futurama.  Not every episode is great (no show can say that), but I don’t think I can recall an episode where Bender wasn’t my favorite part of the show.

Well, for fellow Futurama fans and Bender lovers, I bring you this awesome Bender head cake!  Actually, its not the entire head but just enough of it to be awesome.

This cake was made by Flickr user Beckmakescakes and I think it turned out amazing, especially with the addition of the cigar which is a nice touch.  And if you don’t agree, you can bite my shiny metal ass!

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Bender Cake
Futurama Bender Head Cake

[Source:  BeckMakesCakes]