A Guy Builds A TARDIS Chicken Coop For Worlds Luckiest Chickens [pic]

I can honestly say that I have never been jealous of a chicken before, so this is a rather strange feeling.  Normally, I just eat my fried chicken without even giving much thought about the chicken itself, but now that I know there are some chickens that have a geekier place to live than I do, I might just have to eat more chicken out of jealousy.

Anyway, this awesome TARDIS chicken coop was created by TARDIS Builder’s forum member daveninja.  In the source link below, you can find a ton of more pictures and descriptions of its construction in case you are interested in building one for your own TARDIS chicken coops.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Chicken Coop
TARDIS Chicken Coop

[Source:  TARDIS Builders via Nerd Approved]