OSU Marching Band’s Halftime Show Video Game Tribute [video]

Image via CrunchBase

Having been to hundreds of sporting events in my life, I have seen all kinds of really cool halftime shows ranging from Russian gymnasts to the Bucket Boys (search them on YouTube, they are amazing), but this is by far the coolest half time show I have ever seen!

This past weekend at the OSU college football game, the OSU marching band did a tribute to many of the greatest video game franchises from the Legend of Zelda to Halo.  Not only do they play music from games ranging from Tetris and Zelda to Super Mario World (which is playing while they march in formation to Pac-man which is weird), but they march in formation of the characters and various icons of the games.

However, as awesome as the music is, the thing that I find most amazing is the level of coordination and organization that was required to put something like this together.

I know the video is a bit long (it is a halftime show after all), but it is worth watching the entire thing.  I promise it will bring a big smile to your face!

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[via Nerdvana]