Doctor Who Silver Dalek Bath Robe [pic]

On the rare occasion that I just get to relax and lounge around the house, the last thing I want is for people to bother me, especially if I am watching Doctor Who!  Perhaps people will get the hint to leave me alone if I star sitting around the house in a Dalek bath robe yelling EXTERMINATE! whenever somebody tries to talk to me.

Well, if you feel the same way or just love Doctor Who, then I have found the Dalek bath robe for you!

The folks over at Forbidden Planet are selling this awesome silver Dalek bath robe for £44.99 (~$72.21).  Supposedly it is one size fits all, but I guess that would really depend on just how big or small you are as to whether it would fit you well or not.  Even if it doesn’t quite fit, can you really resist sitting around the house looking like a Dalek?  I didn’t think so!

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Doctor Who Dalek Bath Robe
Dalek Bath Robe

[Source:  Forbidden Planet]