Batman Seems to be Sweating and Getting Arrested a Lot [pic]

One of the things you never see with Batman in the movies is him sweating.  Maybe its because of the suit or maybe he just wears the cape so you don’t notice his sweating.  Either way, the sight of Batman with huge pit stains looks rather…strange.

The man under this sweaty Batman costume is Mark Wayne Williams.  Last year, he was arrested for hanging around rooftops and from ledges ready with a baton and chemical spray in hopes of fighting crime.  Well, he has been arrested yet again for interfering with police work when he wouldn’t leave the scene of a crime because he wanted to help catch the bad guy (while dressed as Batman).  Apparently he was interfering with the police dog’s ability to track the bad guys scent so they hauled him off to the slammer.

Sweaty Batman has received six months probation and been ordered to not wear any costumes during that time for his crime fighting efforts.

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Batman Has Pit Stains
Sweaty Batman

[Source:  Bleeding Cool via Fashionably Geek]