Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark as a 16-Bit Animated .GIF [pic]

One of my all time favorite movies is Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark.  It seems to be on tv quite often and if I have nothing better to do, I always watch it.  Well, if you also love the movie, you might be interested in watching it as a 16-bit animated gif!

This 16-bit Raiders of the Lost Ark animation was created by the clearly awesome people over at PixelMash Theater.  I can’t even imagine the amount of time and work it took to recreate the entire more as an animated gif!  If you are looking to relive the movie in a couple of minutes and without dialog or the iconic music, then this would be the way to go!

Watch it below and tell us what you think!

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Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark Animated gif
Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark Animation

[Source:  PixelMash Theater via Neatorama]