All Hail the King of Nintendo 64 [pic]

Last week, I posted some pretty cool video game console cosplay of three people wearing a PlayStation, Xbox Logo and a Game Cube on their heads, but when it comes to video game console cosplay, this guy is the king!

Gary (who I will forever call King Gary) was sporting this amazing Nintendo 64 cosplay at Otakon, a big anime convention in Baltimore.  With the use of several Nintendo 64 consoles, more N64 game cartridges than I own, and a couple of N64 controllers, King Gary made a costume worthy of the King title!

However, I really hope these games, controllers and consoles are not functional anymore as I would hate to see working games and consoles used for anything besides their intended purpose such as with the SNES urinal I posted a long time ago.

All hail the king!

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The King of Nintendo 64
The Nintendo 64 King

[Source:  The Daily Dot via Geeks are Sexy]


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