Halo Spartan Helmet Shot Glass [pic]

I don’t condone alcohol fueled gaming (although when the competition is drunk, it makes it easier for me to kick their butt although I really don’t need the help), but if you are going to do shots while playing some Halo, you might as well drink from a Halo Spartan helmet shot glass!

Amazon seller Penny Lane Gifts is selling these awesome Halo Spartan helmet shot glasses for $10.99 each.  Amazon is fulfilling the order so all of the Prime membership benefits apply (assuming you have a Prime memberhsip), although there are currently only 4 left so order now before they are gone!

Remember, friends don’t let friends drive the Warthogs drunk!

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Halo Spartan Helmet Shot Glass
Halo Spartan Helmet Shot Glass

[Source:  Amazon via Geek Alerts]