A Photoshop Tattoo for Photo Editing Geeks [pic]

I’ve seen some people do some pretty cool things and some pretty ugly things with Photoshop, but this has to be one of the coolest.  Nothing says “I love Photoshop!” quite like a tattoo of the tools on your arm.

This awesome Photoshop tattoo is being sported by Photoshop lover Megan Orsi.  Josh Suchoza at Tattoo Noir in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the tattoo artist that did the inking of this cool Photoshop tools tattoo.

I’ve never been much of a Photoshop person myself (I took a class once and didn’t even stick with it more than 3 weeks), but I am often amazed by the things that people can do with it.  I solute people with more artistic skill than I have and have an easy time working with software like that.

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Photoshop Tools Tattoo
Photoshop Tattoo

[Source:  Adobe via Fashionably Geek]





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