What Happens on the Holodeck Stays on the Holodeck Shirt [pic]

Sharing your holodeck time with others can be a lot of fun, but considering the things that are known to happen in the holodeck, it is usually best for whatever happens on the holodeck to stay on the holodeck!  Nobody wants to hear about your night with three Orion slave girls which were all fake anyway!

Well, if you agree with this sentiment, then you should check out this awesome shirt!

The folks over at WeLoveFine are selling this awesome “What happens on the holodeck, stays on the holodeck” t-shirt for $25. If you are a Commander Riker ran, you will especially love this shirt!  No holodeck loving Star Trek fans should be without it!

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Star Trek Holodeck Shirt
What Happens on the Holodeck Stays on the Holodeck T-Shirt

[Source: WeLoveFine via Geeks are Sexy]

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