Goomba NES Controller Cord Art [pic]

One of the benefits of old school gaming is corded controllers.  Sure, you have to sit a lot closer to the console and your movements are rather confined compared to wireless controllers but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Now, when you a controller, it will fly across the room rather than just until the cord is stretched out, not to mention you never had to worry about the battery in the controller dying during an epic Halo battle.

Well, it turns out that NES controllers and their cords had one more benefit…art!

Artist Erika Iris is the person that has taken an old NES controller and made a Super Mario Bros Goomba out of the cord.  The best part is that it can be yours if you have really deep pockets!  Just how deep?  This NES controller with a Goomba shaped cord on a board will set you back $2500.  More than I can afford!  I guess I will just have to make my own.

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NES Controller Cord Goomba
NES Controller Goomba

[Source:  IRI5 via Neatorama]




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