Mario Rides a Unicycle While Playing Super Mario World Music on the Bagpipes [video]

Back in March, I posted a video of a guy riding a unicycle down the streets of Portland, OR while dressed as Darth Vader and playing Star Wars music on the bagpipes.  Well, apparently he is at it again and this time he is doing it Super Mario style!

Brian Kidd, known as the Unipiper, is the guy in the video below riding a unicycle dressed as Mario while playing the music from Super Mario World on the bagpipes.  The first 15 or so seconds are the intro to Super Mario World and then you will see the main attraction after that so don’t worry if you don’t see quite what you expect the moment you hit play.  It is worth the wait, I promise!

I’ve never had any desire to ride a unicycle (I prefer to be on at least two wheels), but this video makes me want to take up playing the bagpipes!

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[via Neatorama]