A Wet Floor Sign … or Batman! [pic]

Likely do to my lack of imagination, I’m not one to look at every day objects and see their potential as a geeky reference.  However, I love people that can look at every day objects and see humorous and geeky potential in them like is the case with this Batman wet floor sign!

Unfortunately, I don’t know who the clever person is that turned this caution: wet floor sign into a Batman drawing (if you know who did it, let us know in the comments below so we can give them credit), but it was spotted in the art building on the campus of MTSU.  There isn’t a picture of the other side, but supposedly Spider-Man can be found on the other side of the sign.

However, if you like wet floor signs and superheroes aren’t really your thing, perhaps you will like the Portal version of the wet floor sign!

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Batman Wet Floor Sign
Batman Caution Wet Floor Sign

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