Stunning Connor And Aveline Assassin’s Creed III Cosplay [pic]

I’ve posted some pretty spectacular Assassin’s Creed cosplay on here in the past, but there is something different that sets this Assassin’s Creed cosplay apart from all of the others.  Not only is it cosplay from Assassin’s Creed III and features more than one person, it also has a much grittier, dirtier look than anything else I have ever seen that lends it more credibility.

This phenomenal Assassin’s Creed III cosplay featuring Conner and Aveline was created by DeviantART user RBF-productions.  The costumes were made by Rick Boer.  Rick is the guy cosplaying as Conner Kenway, Dominique Boer is the girl sporting the very impressive Aveline de Grandpre cosplay, and the photography was done by Frank Molnar.

You can find a bunch of more pictures including closeups  of the costumes over at RBF-productions on DeviantART which is worth checking out as they are all spectacular!

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Assassins Creed III Cosplay
Assassins Creed III Connor Kenway and Aveline de Grandpre Cosplay
Assassins Creed III Cosplay
Assassins Creed III Conner and Aveline Cosplay

[Source:  RBF-productions via Fashionably Geek]