Impressive Star Wars Mashup Cake [pic]

It seems like I could post a Stars Wars cake just about every day if I wanted to.  I’m not sure why people gravitate so much to the idea of a Star Wars cake, but I always enjoy seeing the end results.  However, I really appreciate the unique Star Wars cakes (like yesterday’s LEGO Star Wars cake) more than the ones that are all essentially the same like the many Millennium Falcon cakes I have posted (which are still awesome).

Well, this 3-teir Star Wars cake is definitely one of the more unique ones I have seen lately as it is a mashup of the feet of Yoda, the chest of Darth Vader and the “head” of R2-D2.  This awesome cake was made by The Cake Life. I suspect whoever was on the receiving end of this cake was one happy Star Wars fan!

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Star Wars Yoda, Darth Vader and R2-D2 Mashup Cake
Star Wars Mashup Cake

[Via That’s Nerdalicious]