Doctor Who Fans Can Now Own Official Dalek Replicas for $5700 [pic]

What Whovian wouldn’t want a real Dalek in their house?  I can’t think of a single one and I know I would love to have one!  Well, now you can if you have the money!

The awesome folks over at Firebox are selling official replica Daleks for $5,675 (free shipping if you are in the UK but otherwise I expect you will end up paying a lot for shipping).  However, these aren’t just any replica Daleks, these are made from the the same molds and specs as the Doctor Who prop department uses!  These are hand made to order and you get to choose the color!  For those wondering if they are actually functional, the dome rotates 360° and the plunger moves in and out.

However, while you can get inside of the Dalek if you choose, it should be noted that this is meant to be a collectors item and NOT A TOY!  It may be tempting to play with it, but do you really want to risk breaking something that cost you that much?  I didn’t think so!

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Official Replica Dalek
Doctor Who Replica Dalek

[Source:  Firebox via Geekologie]