Star Trek Fish Car Emblem [pic]

Where I live, its fairly common to see cars inching around town with all kinds of stuff plastered on their bumpers.  Especially on election years, the bumpers are dominated by political bumper stickers, but one thing that seems constant no matter what the the of year is the fish on people’s bumper stickers.  Most are related to Christianity (although occasionally you will see an atheist one), but once in a while you will see a Star Trek fish which always puts a huge smile on my face.

Well, for those wondering where you can get your own, the awesome folks over at ThinkGeek are selling Star Trek fish car emblems for just $7.99.  What better way is there to announce yourself to other drivers as a Star Trek fan than this?  I’m sure you could mod your car to look like the Enterprise, but that will cost you a lot more than $8.

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Star Trek Car Emblem
Star Trek Fish Car Emblem

[Source:  ThinkGeek]






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