Star Trek Bat’leth Letter Opener Will Slay Your Mail [pic]

Like many people that have done everything possible to go all digital, I hate to open mail.  Well, for the Star Trek fans like myself that hate dealing with old fashioned analog mail, you can now slay it with this awesome Klingon Bat’leth letter opener!

The awesome folks over at ThinkGeek are selling this geektastic Star Trek inspired Klingon Bat’leth letter opener for $24.99.  It might not be the full size bat’leth I have always dreamed of, but its better than nothing!

This stainless steel Klingon bat’leth letter opener has a really cool stand and measures 8″ long.  This is the weapon of choice for true Klingon warriors in the battle against mail.  Qapla’!

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Klingon Bat'leth Letter Opener
Star Trek Klingon Bat’leth Letter Opener

[Source:  ThinkGeek]