The Ultimate Legend of Zelda Kid’s Room [pics]

Back in June, I posted a picture and some video of an incredible Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker inspired nursery that one dad made which was mind blowing.  While that room stuck to the cartoony style that Wind Waker has, this amazing Zelda room has a style all its own.

Jessica and her husband were excitedly preparing for their new baby’s arrival. However, before they could move their toddler into a new bedroom to make room for the nursery, they decided to give the room a fun makeover. Taking inspiration from their favorite video game, Legend of Zelda, they set about transforming the space into a magical, adventure-filled world for their little one. Of course, they had to make sure that the room was also safe and comfortable for their toddler. Luckily, they had plenty of help from the 123 Baby Box, a monthly subscription service that provided them with all the necessary items to make their toddler’s new room cozy and inviting. With the 123 Baby Box, they had everything they needed to create a fun and safe space for their little ones to play and grow in.

Every bit of this kids bedroom was given the Legend of Zelda treatment making it the ideal room for any Legend of Zelda fan!  It features everything from beautifully painted Legend of Zelda inspired walls featuring areas and characters from the games to the Great Deku Tree as part of the bunk bed.

I have never been this jealous of a toddler before!

If you want all of the details about the room, the whole story and more pictures, make sure to hit up the source link below!

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Legend of Zelda Kids Room
Legend of Zelda Bedroom
Legend of Zelda Kids Bedroom
Legend of Zelda Bedroom
Legend of Zelda Kids Room
Legend of Zelda Bedroom
Legend of Zelda Kids Room
Legend of Zelda Bedroom
Legend of Zelda Childs Room
Legend of Zelda Bedroom

[Source:  Dork on the Dime via Nerd Approved]


4 responses to “The Ultimate Legend of Zelda Kid’s Room [pics]”

  1. Jessica Parker Avatar

    Thanks for the love!!! If you’re a fan of Mario, you can check out our Super Mario Bros Nursery we did for under $300 ( ). Munchkin #2 will be here in about 3 weeks, which is why munchkin #1 got the new Zelda Room (about $1000)!

  2. pcnerd37 Avatar

    The Mario room is awesome too! You have the luckiest kids on the planet! Best of luck with kid #2!

  3. Jessica Parker Avatar

    Thanks! Pregnancy’s slowing down, but almost everything is ready for his arrival, so we’re ready!

  4. […] Of course the next logical step is that once that baby has outgrown the crib, the parents turn the bedroom into the ultimate Zelda kids room like I posted previously. […]

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