Forget Hippos, I Want to Play Hungry Hungry Koopas! [pics]

Growing up, I can remember that one of the big non-video games that kids like myself seemed to love was Hungry Hungry Hippos.  I still remember seeing all the commercials for the chaotic and fun game.  Well, as much as I enjoyed playing Hungry Hungry Hippos, I would much rather play Hungry Hungry Koopas!

One Super Mario Bros fan by the name of KodyKoala is the creator of this fantastic Hungry Hungry Koopas game!  This Super Mario Bros version of Hungry Hungry Hippos features the Koopa Kids and you even have the chance to buy it!  Although I don’t know the price, it will be on sale at the El Paso Comic Con which starts September 14th (this Friday), so if you really want this, make sure to go!

Apparently this took about 50 hours to make and I would say it was time well spent!  Each Koopa took about 10 hours to make and the “board” took about 10 hours as well. Great job KodyKoala!

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Super Mario Bros Meets Hungry Hungry Hippos
Hungry Hungry Koopas
Hungry Hungry Koopas Game
Hungry Hungry Koopas

[Source:  KodyKoala via Obvious Winner]