Amazing Hand Painted Star Wars Cookies [pic]

Being a human, I love cookies.  Perhaps I love them a bit more than I should judging by the last time I stepped on the scale.  While I am an equal opportunity cookie eater, I especially love Star Wars cookies!  In the past, I have posted all kinds of Star Wars themed cookies and even some Star Wars cookie cutters, but these are by far the best Star Wars cookies I have ever seen!

These delicious Star Wars cookies were hand painted by Sugar Rush Custom Cakes.  I’m not sure if they used real paint or some kind of edible bakers paint (I’m not much of a baker so forgive me for not knowing the lingo) but edible or not, these are some of the most amazing cookies I have ever seen!

I can’t decide which cookie is my favorite as they all look amazing!  I especially like the eyes on the Yoda cookie but the detail on the Princess Leia cookie is quite impressive as well.

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Star Wars Cookies
Hand Painted Star Wars Cookies

[Via Between the Pages]