Duck Hunt LEGO Duck Wall Decorations [pic]

Do you have a Duck Hunt inspired wall that is still in need of ducks?  Well, then I have found the ducks for you!  Meet the LEGO 8-bit Duck Hunt ducks wall decorations!

Etsy seller madebymecreative is selling this set of three LEGO Ducks from the classic NES game Duck Hunt for $325.20.  Personally, that seems rather steep to me for a few LEGO bricks in the shape of a duck (or in this case, three), but I suppose if you aren’t good with LEGO bricks maybe you don’t want to deal with making your own.  Either way, these are awesome!

If you do have a Duck Hunt inspired wall, I want to see pictures!

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Duck Hunt LEGO Ducks Set
Duck Hunt LEGO Ducks
NES Duck Hunt LEGO Duck
Duck Hunt LEGO Duck

[Source:  Etsy via it8bit]



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